Sunday, 26 July 2009

PowerTime Widget

PowerTime is a new 1x1 Home screen widget displaying both battery percentage and the approximate remaining up time. Updates are approx 5-10 minutes apart to minimise overhead. Choose dark/light modes to allow for home screen background color!

Available now on the Android Market for £0.75


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  2. I would LOVE to have this app. My husband uses it and rates it highly, but I simply can't get it. It just won't show up on the Android marketplace. I've checked and double-checked that I'm spelling the name of the app right, but the only result I get in the search is for DateWidget, which is a different app made by weaverfishdesigns. I have even been to and successfully scanned and captured the barcode for the app, then loaded it into my mobile browser, but again, although it recognises the product I'm searching for, I just get an error message from market place after searching, telling me the app isn't found.

    My husband however has no problem at all locating PowerTime on marketplace when using his phone. We're both using the same version of Android, so have you any idea why is this happening? :-(